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How Grocery Delivery Works

Getting started with Altezer Grocery

Save yourself that trip to the supermarket/Wholesale — Altezer delivers groceries in as little as five(5) hours!
We connect you with your favorite supermarket/Wholesale in your area to shop and deliver groceries.

Grocery Shopping with Altezer is easy!

1. Shop from your favorite local grocery stores

Shop from anywhere using your computer, iPhone, iPad or Android device. Just go to and click Grocery Shopping from the menu or go to and select the grocery category.

2. Select Deliver To Home

Have your groceries delivered in as little as five(5) hours! You can also have them delivered the next day or week.

3. Get groceries delivered to you

Let us save you time and energy!. If you are abroad shopping for family and friends in Jamaica, We can delivery to them.

Or pick-up at store.

With our Pickup In-Store option, you shop online, then pick up your groceries at the store!
Available at select locations.

How List & Registry works

The registry and list feature all users to create and save a list of item for special events such as weddings, birthday, baby shower, charity or just for regular grocery shopping list. Users can add items to their list and friends and family can view their list and purchase items for them. A user can make their list private by checking the private checkbox at the time of creating the list. If a list is private, only the creator of the list can see the items in the list. Users can add an item to their list from the product detail page. The best part about the list feature is that a user can add all the item in their list to the shopping cart and then check-out.

How List & Registry works

1. Create a list if you don’t already have one. Click here to create a list

2. Find the product(s) that you want to add to your list

3. Click on product details

4. Click the “Add To List Or Registry” blue button

5. Select The List you want to add the item to, then enter the quantity and click “Add Item” button. You can add as many items as you wish to your list