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Why E-commerce?


Expert delivery

Altezer/YeahJamaica ensures your order is quickly delivered to customers, while maintaining product quality


Increase customers & orders

Reach thousands of customers all over the island and the diaspora looking to buy your products and services


Reliable Web Services

We at YeahJamaica/Altezer have the best stable and reliable web platform
for your customers to place order, views your products and for your to received and manage orders

Selling Plan Features



Add new products to the Altezer YeahJamaica catalog

Sell products in Jamaica, US, Canada, the Caribbean or all four. Manage your business from your Altezer or YeahJamaica seller account.

Online store-front with all of your products and services.

Offer special promotions, coupons, discount and gift wrap options for your products.

Eligible for top placement on product detail pages.


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+ 9% online sale fee
[Include Card Processing Fees]


just 15% online sale fee
[Include Card Processing Fees]